A brief history of the Vacationer-In-Chief

Over 8 years, it is estimated Obama spent 85 million or so on vacation and personal travel. That’s just over 10 million a year. Trump has already spent an estimated 15 million in three months plus the added cost of his family living in New York. I’m worried about the precedent that is being set for future Presidents. When did being Prsidnt suddenly turn into an episode of Life Styles of the Rich and Famous?

I don’t remember any public consciousness of vacation costs before Obama. Maybe because Bush went to his ranch in Texas? Or because Clinton went to Camp David? Maybe we just notice now because the anti-Obama folks have made it a thing the past several years.

Regardless, I think it is a dangerous standard for the future in what people may come to expect of their lifestyle while President. More than one political system has lost touch with this and it led to their downfall. I already saw a comparison of Trump to Marie Antoinette but too few people know history enough to get it.

During Obama’s time, we turned the President into a celebrity. Now we have a celebrity we are trying to turn in to a President.

Meanwhile no one has any clue what is going on in Congress.